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Monday, August 15, 2011 Hacked By Ap3X Pr3d470r and t@j

According To One The Group Members of Technical Rainbows ,
The was hacked before ,
the most time it took is by the Ap3X Pr3d470r

To Upload The VIDEO………Which Got A Message For The Admins Of The Website …..
According to the sources …
“the video contained a picture of indian soldiers hoisting flag of india on a cliff.
and the background music of the video said ” JAN GAN MAN ” national anthem of india……”

Site Was Completely Made Empty And Everything Else Was Deleted …
Also The sources told that-
“Technical Rainbows are pulling such kinda attacks because the same had been done by the other sources of that country”

Happy Independence Day!!

You Can View The Defacement Proof Here-

[via starthack]

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