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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trick Update facebook status via android or blackberry

Do you want to know how to update your Facebook status via iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Andriod or even from your Washing Machine or TV? Or do you want to update it via satellite? This is not a joke; well this is half-meant. What I wanted to share with you is how you can update your Facebook status with the mentioned devices without actually having them. You can play tricks with your friends making them think that you actually have these devices or you’re actually sending them updates from your washing machine or other device..

The following list uses Facebook ’s prompt_feed.php and with the use of the API key, it enables you to send your status. Of course you need to login first to Facebook before you can actually use these.
No need to click stupid "joint" or "allow" to update your status, fully safety!!
Feel free to try and test them, just click the link below:

via android
via BlackBerry
via iPhone
via iPad
via washing machine
via satellite
via TweetDeck for iPhone
via Snaptu
via Windows Phone
via Foursquare
via Ninja Saga
via Mafia Wars
via Calculator
via Nokia 3310
via Nokia 3315
via Bluetooth
via Nintendo Wii
via McDonald's
via Google
via Yahoo!
via YouTube
via Windows Live Messenger
via Friendster
via China Phone

Sample screenshot :

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