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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

XBox Live Hacked or Suffering Connection Issues

Today Xbox Live users are suffering some Connection Issues and this is excepted as yesterday only the Xbox live account of Xbox’s Live Programming director’s was Hacked. So this points to the Xbox Live is been hacked aka compromised.
It is more likely that the Xbox live is hacked as the account of one of the makers of the Xbox live account was hacked yesterday only. While this can be a Connection issues too as the Expansion pack of Modern Warfare : “Stimulus Package” is out today which may have caused problems for the Xbox live servers as of large incensement in the connections ...

Xbox Support’s Twitter account is loaded with communications with customers about the problem, and the official support website at is being bombarded by users.

“We’re aware of the issue and it is being worked on. Stay tuned for updates.”

An error code of 80150019 have been shown to the users of the Xbox live users. As the users are like not happy with this situation and would be likely as the Microsoft is in problems again.

… Talking about the Hacked account of Major Nelson’s of Xbox Live, Shortly after the hack happened, the Web site Lightzz took credit for the hack, posting a video of it, along with the hacker's Skype name. He is offering to hack other accounts as well.

Well whatever is going we will update this post as soon as Microsoft figures it out is it hacked or connection issues.

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