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Sunday, November 14, 2010

KB/s vs Kb/s vs MB/s vs Mb/s

Bandwidth is usually specified in one of four ways depending upon how an ISP wants to advertise. Whatever speed they give, you can always convert it to another to compare speeds.
The first letter in any of these is either K for Kilo or M for Mega. The next letter is either a lowercase b or an uppercase B, for bits and Bytes, respectively. The "/s" stands for "per second" which is also often represented as "ps."

These abbreviations can be interpreted as:
MB/s = Megabytes (1024 Kilobytes) per second
Mb/s = Megabits (1024 Kilobits) per second
KB/s = Kilobytes (1024 bytes) per second
Kb/s = Kilobits (1024 bits) per second

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