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Friday, November 19, 2010

Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Speed

A recent survey about top internet speed users came in public. Its surprising to know that Two Asian countries are on the top of the table, Who have the highest downloading speed. South Korea and Japan are on 1st and 2nd position respectively.

Top 10 Countries

Following are the top ten countries of the world with respect to their Broadband Internet speeds:
  1. South Korea 17187 kbps
  2. Japan 16,365 kbps
  3. Lithuania 11,295 kbps
  4. Sweden 11,280 kbps
  5. Romania 10,236 kbps
  6. Latvian 9,782 kbps
  7. Bulgaria 9,074 kbps
  8. Netherlands 8,734 kbps
  9. Germany 7,447 kbps
  10. Russian Federation 7,260 kbps
These results tell us that it does not matter how large or small your country is. The technology can be anywhere. In comparison to United States (U.S) on area basis, these countries are nothing. But U.S. in no where in the Top 10. United states have only download speed of 6,198 kbps. Korea’s broadband speed is almost 3 times than that of United States.

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