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Sunday, November 7, 2010

BackTrack 4 – The Definitive Guide


BackTrack is the world’s leading penetration testing and information security auditing distribution. With hundreds of tools preinstalled and configured to run out of the box, BackTrack 4 provides a solid Penetration testing platform ‐ from Web application Hacking to RFID auditing – its all working in once place.

Behind the curtains

BackTrack Base
There have been many changes introduced into BackTrack 4 ‐ most notably, our
move to an Ubuntu Intrepid base. We now maintain our own full repositories with
modified Ubuntu packages in addition to our own penetration testing tools.
Another significant change is the updated kernel version, currently at This
new kernel brought an onset of internal changes, which have greatly changed the
structure of BackTrack.

Packages and Repositories
One of the most significant changes introduced in BackTrack 4 are the Debian like
repositories available, which are frequently updated with security fixes and new
tools. This means that if you choose to install BackTrack to disk, you will be able to
get package maintenance and updates by using aptget
Our BackTrack tools are arranged by parent categories. These are the categories
that currently exist:
• BackTrack ‐ Enumeration
• BackTrack ‐ Tunneling
• BackTrack ‐ Bruteforce
• BackTrack ‐ Spoofing
• BackTrack ‐ Passwords
• BackTrack ‐ Wireless
• BackTrack ‐ Discovery
• BackTrack ‐ Cisco
• BackTrack – Web Applications
• BackTrack ‐ Forensics
• BackTrack ‐ Fuzzers
• BackTrack ‐ Bluetooth
• BackTrack ‐ Misc
• BackTrack ‐ Sniffers
• BackTrack ‐ VOIP
• BackTrack ‐ Debuggers
• BackTrack ‐ Penetration
• BackTrack ‐ Database
• BackTrack ‐ RFID
• BackTrack – Python
• BackTrack – Drivers
• BackTrack ‐ GPU

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