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Monday, November 22, 2010

Unlimited free calls to US/Canada for Indians by Google

Some Gmail users today got a pleasant surprise, a ''Call Phone'' option appeared at the top of their Google Talk chat window when they logged on to their Gmail accounts.

On clicking it and on accepting the terms and conditions, they were presented with a num-pad on their monitor like the one you find on VoIP services like Skype with a small line at the end indicating that Google is allowing free unlimited calls to the US and Canada till the end of the year 2010.

Those who made the calls using this service reported that:-

  • The call was connected immediately as soon as the hit the call button.
  • The call quality was reported absolutely clear on both the ends.
  • There was no disconnection during the calls.
However, there are reports that the option did not show up the next time they logged into their account. It may be assumed that the users would soon get it back.


  1. wen i use gmail from a ip of US or germany etc i always get this option.

  2. Yes this service also available on "US" IP. i have checked..!!!