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Friday, December 23, 2011

In Sweden, the Fiber optic up to 120 GBPS.....!!!!

In Sweden, a new record is being built around fiber optic ...

In Sweden, a scale experiment is taking place right now. Cisco and Telia (Swedish ISP) test a fiber network to go up to 120 Gbps! They even made an application for deposit in the Guinness Book to be recognized as the largest LAN parties in the world ...

To be eligible, it will exceed the 20,000 customers who are connected to the first phase and 750 000 for the second phase. This fiber will be drawn to a length of 300 km between Stockholm and Jönköping, thus taking all subscribers of this operator between the two cities. Telia is responsible for the fiber and equipment such as Cisco CRS-3, high-speed router that can handle up to 322 Tb / s.

Both partners explain that if the test is successful, it will be a new record for the networks and a new perspective for the use of new technologies. This will allow the 750,000 lucky to eg download a movie in high definition (legally, of course) in just 0.05 seconds! Subscribers' computers, however, should become limiting factors, the world upside down?!

And we, during that time, we dream of the widespread 100 Mbps FTTH throughout ...

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