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Friday, December 30, 2011

Use your picture to log in into Windows8


Microsoft comes up with innovation in log-in method now you can use any of the pictures as your login. There is not pre set pictures you can grab any of your favorite pictures and set it at your login. Many of us don’t remember our text passwords ether they are difficult or mix up with your other passwords so to have a picture as your log-in is an easy solution which is more user friendly. It seems that this is majorly designed for touch screen devices but desktop users can also avail this facility. How you can set this picture log-in is select any picture then select the part you want as your password. When you will turn on your computer it will ask for password if there is any picture set you have to tap that specific area to get login or draw line or connect the parts to get login or enclose any specific part. These are only three methods restricted to enter your password. It does not mean if you set any picture as your login then you cannot use text password at the same time. You can keep both options if you failed to enter the correct part of the picture as your password, after five attempts you will get block until you enter text password.

Use your picture to log in into Windows8 
This is not only user friendly but more attractive than conventional way of entering passwords. Microsoft says, “When you draw either a circle or a line on your selected picture, Windows remembers how you drew it,” Pace said. “So, someone trying to reproduce your picture password needs to not only know the parts of the image you highlighted and the order you did it in, but also the direction and start and end points of the circles and lines that you drew.”

It is as protected as your text passwords; it cannot compromise on your security. So you can use this feature with full confidence. This is best safeguarding mechanism so one can rely on this. Picture password is fast, fluid, secure and robust promising security system.  But you cannot use this feature on remote system or in any complete network. It is currently available in “Developer view”. You can try this amazing and cool feature on your systems.

Please share your comments and reviews about this exceptional feature in Windows8; I will be waiting for your comments. Stay tuned and Happy Reading  :-)

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