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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Springtomize 2 for iOS 5

Springtomize 2 customized for the iOS 5 is now out. It is better than the previous release.

Features it provide:-

  1. Changing the Animations
  2. Change Dock Settings
  3. Lock Screen customization
  4. Icons customization
  5. Folder Customisation
  6. Multiple pages customization
Even now you can back up the settings and just with one tap you can go back to original settings with Time Machine.

For Now its a paid application in cydia but if you want it for free here's how

  1. Go to Cydia.
  2. Open the Manage Tab (On the Bottom of the Screen 4th option).
  3. After that open Sources.
  4. In the sources tap on Edit (Top Right Corner of the screen).
  5. The Tap Add (Visible on top Left of the screen when you tap Edit).
  6. Now Enter the url
  7. After getting the repository added now go to the repository.
  8. Search for Springtomize 2 cracked and there it is all free for u.
  9. So Enjoy Customizing your iDevice. 
For inDepth review see here via iDownloadBlog

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