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Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to tag a friend or a page on Facebook on mobile devices or with Javascript turned off

Its been long since Facebook let users tag their friends or like pages in status updates or comments. The feature first came to status updates and later on to comments as well. You can simply type the @ symbol and start typing the name of your friend and select one from the autocomplete. But this feature won’t work if you are using Facebook from a mobile browser that doesn’t support Javascript or if Javascript is turned off on your browser. But still, you can tag your friends using an alternate method.

You can tag your friends on browsers that don’t support Javascript as well. But to do this, you need to remember the profile ID of your Facebook friend. On the status update text box type the following:

@ [138558659573745:0]

Replace the number before “:0” with the profile ID of your friend. You can find the profile id of any of your friend by  copying it off their Facebook profile page. The Facebook profile page URL looks something like this:

But this trick doesn’t work for those who have already set their Facebook usernames. You can also use this trick for tagging Facebook fan pages.

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