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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Disable Facebook’s New Chat

Anyone here got pissed of Facebook’s New Chat? Of course everyone.. even me. This new Facebook chat way is awful since it doesn’t show all your friends and takes a lot of space from your screen. Most of our Facebook readers wants to get rid of this new chat way on Facebook so we’re here to deliver a very simple way to do that.

No, it’s not about “Hide Sidebar”, we’re not silly. We’ve got 2 scripts for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome users to allow you to disable Facebook’s new chat with just few clicks on your mouse.

Mozilla Firefox users: First install this add-on followed by installing this script to get back your old Facebook chat. Just give your browser a fast restart after installing the script.

Chrome users: You don’t need an add-on. Just install this script and restart your browser to view changes.

Didn’t get it? Take this! You can also try using this link to use Facebook’s popout chat. 

Got your solution?

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  1. ... or go to settings and click disable sidebar