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Friday, July 8, 2011

Chit Chat for Facebook now available for the Blackberry

Chit Chat for Facebook is one of the most widely used Facebook Instant Messaging (IM) applications available today because of its functionality, reliability, and committed technical development. Until now, Blackberry users have had to cope with inefficient basic Facebook apps or use the unreliable Facebook site itself to IM in real-time with contacts. But this is about to change.
A new mobile version of Chit Chat for Facebook has been developed and is now available for Blackberry smart phones.
The overall colour scheme for Chit Chat is lively and vibrant. This is a welcome change from the monotonous blue and white offering Facebook provides. Chit Chat’s multicolour display means messages and sections are easily identifiable. This is very handy for a small Blackberry display.

The ability to segregate received/ sent messages into self-contained ‘bubbles’ is another welcome feature. Again, this makes it easy to keep track of conversations and quickly distinguish who said what. Add Chit Chat’s ability to adjust font size and colour settings, plus the option to alter background colours and this new mobile version proves to be a very functional IM package.

Chit Chat for Facebook offers Blackberry users the chance to converse quickly and effectively with Facebook contacts. There is no need to log in to the notoriously slow Facebook site and then zoom in to see if you have any messages or if any contacts are online.

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