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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has published a set of some basic tips and tricks for Windows Phone 7 which will help users get used to this new operating system. Check ‘em out!

Speed dial: Need to call someone back straight away? From Start, press Phone, then press the Call icon next to an entry in call history.
Skipping letters: In People, press a block letter for a menu that lets you instantly skip to any letter of the alphabet. Perfect for a crowded contact list.

Bulk delete: Do you need to delete multiple emails? Press next to any message in your inbox to reveal a row of check boxes.
Picture this: Turn your phone’s screen lock into a portable picture frame. Press Settings > Lock & wallpaper > Change wallpaper, then choose a favourite photo.
Photo flick:
  • In Pictures, pinch a photo until it’s as small as it can get, then flick left or right to browse your album in filmstrip view.Rock out, randomly
  • In Music + Videos, press the Play icon to randomly play your entire music collection.

Spot editing: Typo troubles? Press and hold a text box until the large cursor appears, then drag it to the problem spot.
Pop-up punctuation: Press and hold the full-stop key to see a pop-up menu with other popular punctuation marks.
Quick fix: Press a misspelled word to see suggestions from the built-in dictionary. Press a suggestion to swap it in.
Press a pin: Press a pin in Maps to see things such as what’s nearby and customer reviews for a restaurant or shop.
Facebook inundation: Reduce the number of Facebook friends in your contact list by pressing Settings > Applications > People, then look for the Facebook option.

Press & hold: Do you want to know the real secret to Windows Phone? Press and hold. Use it to expose hidden menus, rearrange Tiles, pin stuff to Start and much more.
Snap shot: Don’t let a locked phone derail your next photo opportunity. Press and hold the Camera button for a moment, then start snapping away
More tips, tricks, help and how-to here at Microsoft.

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