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Monday, September 5, 2011

Google’s Organic Search Results Get A Space Consuming Facelift

Well as if it wasn’t hard enough to get your site onto the first page of the Google search rankings, things have just taken a whole new twist, the online search engine giants opting to increase the amount of space that a sites ‘sitelinks’ take up on the page.

With former sitelinks only filling a small area of the page up in the form of smaller text links, an alteration to the way in which Google want to present the links has now left websites that are looking to achieve first page rankings with a whole new obstacle.

As you can see from the images above, the sitelinks of a number of authority sites have been increased in not only font size but now also include a miniature version of the meta description as well as the URL of the page that the search giants believe are relevant to the user’s search.

Now as with anything, there are always two versions to every story and that means that if you are in fact one of the sites that are lucky enough to feature such exposure, your online presence will increase significantly on the page in which you are situated.

On the other hand, as I have already pointed out, if you are trying to overcome a competitor that has sitelinks, your struggle to get onto the same page as that site becomes a whole lot harder, simply due to the spacing needed for Google to present what they describe as ‘relevant’.

Investigation into the sitelinks used on many sites on the search engine’s organic results shows that not all sites that have them have been ‘promoted’ to the bigger, more space consuming version of the links, so whether this is something that Google are trialling with some of the more authority rich sites is still to be seen but they have certainly made competition for places a whole lot more competitive.

Now I’m not someone who likes to ‘sit pretty’ when I have achieved results and this will spark me to want to battle against many of the competitors to obtain the number one spot in the rankings, after all, you need something to challenge you in order to prevent you from being complacent.

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