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Friday, September 16, 2011

Compare and Merge Different Versions of Your Presentations in PowerPoint

Did you know you can compare two different versions of your presentation in PowerPoint and merge the changes? This is a very handy feature you can take advantage of if you work a lot with PowerPoint presentations with your team.

After a person has made changes to your presentation, you can compare your original with the one that has been changed. Just open your original presentation and go to Review  and click on Compare.
Select the new presentation to check on the changes that have been made to it.
You will now see a new pane on your right, which highlights the changes that have been made to your presentation. In the Slide changes box, you will see what changes have been done to the text, animations, pictures and other content changes. In the Presentation changes box, you will be able to review changes as deleted or moved slides or transitions.
Every change will be shown with a box that tells you what the exact change was. You can select or deselect to approve or deny the changes.


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