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Thursday, October 27, 2011

HTC & Dropbox United To Offer 5GB of Online Storage to New HTC Devices

According to Pocket-lint report, HTC and Dropbox jointly offers 5GB online storage for new HTC devices such as HTC Rhyme, Rezound  etc. will get additional 3GB of storage from its side and 2GB from Dropbox side, totally making 5GB storage capacity just like Skydrive in Microsoft and iCloud in Apple. This facility can extend for all Sense 3.5 devices in near future where users can sync their phone with the computer or other devices running the Dropbox software to save files and photos from phone.

htc dropbox 5gb cloud storageDropbox can further provide 8GB upgradation by convincing your friends to sing up to the service, where as HTC’s additional 3GB can easily be transformed maximum to 10GB free storage. HTC was not sure about its Windows Phone 7 Smartphones space and suggested that Window Phone 7 already has a very convincing offer from Skydrive powered by Microsoft seared into the OS. Actually Skydrive offers 25GB of free space to tempt people to the service and currently HTC’s Android Sense 3.5 is only avail in HTC Rhyme. On the other hand, with more phone announcements expected in the coming weeks from the company, so we don’t have to wait long in this case.
htc facebook
htc twitter

Yesterday, this announcement was made in Official HTC Facebook page and you could see people are very much interested to about the joint venture by liking through ‘Likes’ on Facebook . Even in Twitter HTC is happy to announce 5GB online storage with Dropbox. Every HTC users are expected to get their phone space to increase the size with 5GB  storage offered by HTC and DropBox. This is not the first time that DropBox had tied up with HTC because earlier it had coupled with Sony Ericsson on Xperia phones but without the additional storage bonus.

[Via pocket-lint]

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