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Friday, October 28, 2011

Genuine IMEI Implant Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile phones without an original IMEI number were got blocked on December 1st, 2009. Cell phones bearing an invalid, fake or duplicate IMEI numbers will get no network coverage and their mobile phone will not receive operator signal. However, using the GII program users can implant a new IMEI number and get their phone working. But since not many users are familiar with GII program, here is the answers to few frequently asked questions.

GII program

What is an IMEI number ?
IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15 digit number implanted in mobile handsets. Every mobile handset in the world carries a unique IMEI number.

Why IMEI is required ?
IMEI helps mobile service operators in identifying a handset from it’s IMEI number. It can be compared with a vehicle number, PAN card or social security number.

How can I check the IMEI number of my Handset ?
Press *#06# keys on your mobile handset and it will display a 15 digit number and that is your unique IMEI number.

Why will they block a handset with invalid IMEI number ?
Mobile phones with invalid, fake, duplicate or spurious IMEI numbers, pose threat to National security. TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India) has ordered all the mobile operators not to allow calls to be processed on handsets without valid IMEI numbers.Your handset will not work with any network as your handset has an invalid IMEI number.

Can I change my service provider/SIM card to solve this problem ?
Not exactly. Since IMEI is a handset feature and by changing the service provider or SIM card, the problem will not be solved .
How can I change my handset IMEI number ?
You can implant a new IMEI number at authorized GII service centers. There are more than 1600 outlets have been opened in India.
Where should I go to get a genuine IMEI number ?
You should only and only visit authorized GII service centres recognized by COAI & MSAI. Getting a new IMEI number implanted at any unauthorized service center will not solve your problem.

How to check if blocked handset has been implanted by the authorized GII center with a genuine IMEI number or not ?
You can verify IMEI validity status by sending a SMS.

What documents do I need to carry in order to change my IMEI number ?
You need to carry ID proof. (Ex: Voter ID Card, Drivers Licences, etc). Your photograph will be captured at the authorized GII service centre, at no extra cost, apart from Rs. 199/-

How much time will it take to change the IMEI number ?
The whole process takes about 10 – 30 minutes.

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