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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Journey To Deliver Joy…..

                      Joy of Journey

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“If you can imagine it, you can create it, if you can dream it, you can become it”
The idea of itoAll is inspired by these words and was concieved by two Computer Science graduates who realised the need of convergence in the internet world and thought of creating a platform where a bouquet of prominent services like video sharing , photo sharing and document sharing and social networking could be offered collectively at one place. The whole idea behind this was to make sharing a lot easier, interesting and a lot more fun.
It would save the hassle of maintaining different accounts for various services and keeping track of numerous passwords. we tried to make it as user friendly as possible by creating logical categories with respect to the material to be shared thereby facilitating quick access to the desired category.The Intent of creating “itoall” is to let people come together not only for social networking but to share anything and everything endlessly to the benefit, cheer and excitement of one and all.Now  we have a complete team of 8 dedicated and highly talented people to deliver you a bug free service as soon as possible

First phase of journey

We started working on this concept way back in November 2011 and completed it with in a year but were not satisfied with the final design of itoall, so we deferred the launch of the website by few more months. We were convinced by this time that we need to bring in more technical manpower in order to build a more sophisticated and technically sound website. Then we decided to enlarge our team by bringing in few more designers and developers.

Second phase of journey

Second phase began in October 2012 when we built a bigger team to diversify our thought and hence refurbished the complete website to give our users the best experience with the user interface and the services.

Now after almost 5 months of serious brainstorming, we are again ready to launch the website within a month with a much better User interface and some very sophisticated services. We strongly believe that, with the kind of services itoall is providing, users would find the website extremely valuable and fun to use.

itoAll-Comming Soon

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  1. Great work. Exicited about itoall after reading about it. Whe are you launching it