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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to easily add your app to your page on Facebook

You must be familiar with beautiful landing pages on Facebook. A lot of companies these days have set a default landing page for their Facebook like page that looks beautiful and in most of the cases, very interactive too. You can also create a Facebook landing page by creating a HTML page on a directory within a website and then embed it to a canvas on Facebook. You can then add the canvas to a fan page on Facebook where it appears as a separate tab. If you are a Facebook developer, you must have noticed that recently, the option for adding a canvas to a page on Facebook has disappeared. But don’t worry, there’s a neat little trick for adding a canvas to any Facebook page, even if the option for adding it is missing on the interface.

The option previously used to appear on the Canvas Settings page for an app. You could then add it to any of the pages you admin by going to View App profile page and then to “Add to my page”. But now, the option is completely missing. However, you can do it with a direct link[your-app-ID]&pages=1

Facebook add app to pageYou can find your API key by opening the app settings from Facebook developers page. Replace the your-app-ID above with the app ID you just copied and follow the link. You will see options for adding the app or the canvas to your pages.
This enables you to add any app to a page you admin, even if the option isn’t available in the Facebook Developers section.

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