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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why do companies backup infrequently?
Businesses are on average backing up to tape once a month, with one rather alarming statistic from the same survey showing 10 percent were only backing up to tape once per year, according to a survey by Vanson Bourne.
Although cloud backup solutions are becoming more common, still the majority of companies will do their backups in-house. Sometimes they will have dedicated IT staff to run them, but usually it's done in-house because they have always done it like that, and they have confidence in their own security and safekeeping of data.
Given this fact that IT personal are perhaps creatures of habit, and wouldn't risk a cloud based back-up solution - due to security and/or data integrity - it then seems a little odd that backups are done as infrequently as the survey reveals or even that they are only done once per year by some companies. The likely reason for this infrequency is due to the time factor involved. Many companies would run their backups on Friday evenings, in the hope for it to be completed by Monday business start. But with such large data pools, these backups might not complete in time, and are therefore often postponed for larger time frame windows.

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